Permission for Reception

Be still and know that I am God. Psalms 46:10

Isn’t it amazing we think we can text and drive at the same time? Or drink and drive? Or eat waffles and drive? All of the things we try to do while driving reminds me of how we can forget there is a God, or we deny there is a God or maybe we just forget that God is around on all the other days outside of Sundays. When we forget to include God in every part of our lives, we try to run the show ourselves; we try to control people, places and things even as innocently in the form of multi-tasking. Our culture has made it not okay to just be quiet and still, we have inundated ourselves with stuff and the result is we forget God.

How do we approach starting, developing or maintaining a relationship with God? Receptivity is crucial to all relationships. To be receptive means we allow ourselves to receive. To receive means permit to enter and accept as truth or authority. To allow ourselves to undergo or experience. In the instance of a spiritual experience we need to ALLOW the experience to happen. This willingness or allowance is the first step. When we can answer the knock, ring or DM from God we are able to hear more clearly and true. Without distractions. What could this look like in your life? A jog with no ipod, a drive with no phone or music, perhaps it’s a Saturday night with no plans and being okay with that. Try it; you may just hear something important.


One thought on “Permission for Reception

  1. Michele Kirby says:

    Great reminder! Love your train of thought……

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