a little about little ol’ me

It’s not a matter of spending time obsessing about who may or may not be reading what I have to say. When my thoughts are put down in writing, especially on the web, the words are there indefinitely and the idea of that permanence is contagious, if not surprisingly obsessive. I pray for the continued willingness to create and express positivity in order to help someone who comes across my ramblings be able to decipher a better life than they may be living.

Living in a small town in Northeastern Minnesota, with my mechanical engineering genius of a husband, surrounded by vacation homes on the lake I get to experience the solitude of winter and the re-emergence of families heading up north. Continual surrender from the pressures of society to keep up with the Jones’ and daily work on the three legged stool of emotional, physical and spiritual recovery, I aspire to love God deeply, honor Him daily and make a positive difference in the world.


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