Golden Ticket Investment

When I first began attending the church I now work for, the people (the church) met me where I was at; which is difficult for a collective body to do as so many of us returning home to Christ come from very different backgrounds. I was a de-churched procrastinator who never took chances and ran so far away from God I left our world and hid in television and books and fantasies trapped in my own diluded head. I didn’t get into much trouble because I didn’t ‘do’ much of anything.

In our everyday lives, do we practice the concept of meeting people where they are at? Or do we force our point of view on them, attempting to control our surroundings because we know best or we are too scared to do something new. As christians we have the golden ticket of salvation in Jesus Christ, how are we being responsible for this golden ticket? Are we waving it around bragging it up ,”I got it and you don’t! Na-na-na-na-na!” Did we hide it in a drawer worried someone would steal it? Or did we cash in this golden ticket- accept the love and blessings and invest by sharing this love and blessings without fear that if we give it all away there will be nothing left for us? Who will you invest in today?


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