Yup. I know. This concept from Proverbs 14:12 is hard to wrap the brain around:

There is a way which seems right to a man and appears straight before him, but at the end of it is the way of death. (AMP)

See, when I make choices I absolutely need to ask questions and get help outside of myself in the form of prayer and council and process with those I trust and respect. I cannot trick myself into thinking that I know what is best, that I got it handled on my own. I can never think that I am above needing God’s love and grace in my life.

Remembering that we can’t always believe what we think is also helpful when making decisions and in dealing with conflicts. Let God determine the truth, not our finite selves.

If I forget to let Jesus lead me in ALL things, I tend to look to human weapons in dealing with conflict. When we try to meet our own needs, working independently of God we turn to manipulation, gossip, slander ridicule, threats, blame, nagging, deception and silence. These tactics are a cycle of dysfunction and need to be immediately rebuked. Here are some things I try to do to rebuke my human weapons:

Courageously speak up with questions.

Remain in a teachable spirit, not looking for what is “fair” but what is truth.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY- Design your own private time with God.

Others can pray for us. Others can encourage us. But if we don’t make space DAILY to get with God alone, we aren’t going to experience the life change God wants for us, our church and our community. At Evergreen we understand that the Church of Jesus Christ is the only hope for the world. But if you think that me eating healthy in hopes that you lose the weight (but you are still stopping at Mickey D’s every other day!) can happen, it’s time to stop believing what you think! Life Change cannot happen without YOUR intention. Miracles cannot be seen without YOUR surrender. YOUR own walk with God will not happen with another’s legs.



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