First Things First

Most of us start a new year with great intentions. Yesterday, the gym was packed with people vowing to get into shape. Today, there were two. One of my goals for 2012 is to be more intentional with my prayer life and go deeper with my personal relationship with God. For me this means having quiet time with God to listen for his wisdom. I have gone through this last year doing reading and writing of spiritual form on a daily basis, however, I often let work or family interrupt the shut up and listen portion of my time with God. When we form habits they are often caught, not taught so I hope to catch myself and others keeping these thoughts in mind…

1. I pray to see obstacles as opportunities. I am someone who likes to have a plan. I have my lunch packed the night before, to-do lists written in the morning and a routine that does not vary often. So, when things are not going to go according to plan I get a little uptight. What this most often means, if you are anything like me, is we forget that God is the one in control, thinking we have the plan, therefore we are in charge of the plan. That is just not realistic. Things are not going to always go according to plan. It’s okay though. When we can see obstacles as opportunities we are better able to learn from our circumstances and thus able to stay on the beam.

2. I pray to keep in mind, How can I glorify God? When life throws me curveballs how can I respond in a way that is giving honor and glory to the Father? I highly doubt freaking out, getting angry or pulling the sheets over my head because I don’t want to deal with a situation is going to bring honor and glory to God. We can glorify God by careful, prayerful insight into what we are supposed to be doing, this is why it is good to keep in constant contact with God. On the commute, during lunch, before a meeting, in the mornings and evenings, multiple points throughout the day, asking for His will to be done, will give us insight on what the next right move is.

3. I pray to keep the priorities of time and resources clear and straight. Matthew 22:37 says “Jesus said, Love the Lord your God with all your passion, prayer and intelligence.”

God first so everything else in life can be first-class.


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