Who doesn’t love that first date?

Realize that most stress and tension is just growth trying to take place.

The sadness creeps in like the sneaky woodtick on a dog-attaching and burrowing into the skin, feeding off any positive inklings one may have felt only moments before. Don’t worry.

You could have a blossoming romance developing, the first stages of dating when all you want to do is know everything there is to know about the tocking of the mind and the ticking of the heart of that special someone. Staying up all night to talk, don’t need to eat or sleep cause all you need is to hear the voice and feel the hope of this perfect love. Each day you could feel reborn. Each day you learn more about yourself as you learn more about him and what he want for your life and the lives you influence. Earthly desires fall away when you are close to him, when you can sit with his hands wrapped around your shoulders, or holding your hand, filling your heart with hope- the things you have gone through, the mistakes you have made do not matter when you are with him.

When you are with him you can use your past to not only mold your future for better but help those who need and desire a better life too. To be not of the world but still of use in this world means you do not isolate but instead extrapolate a better situation to put yourself and your family in.

Don’t get caught up in the worries of things not gotten. Quit searching for answers to questions not asked. Just let the trinity unfold the story before you for the next clue in the amazing life.

Come to Evergreen Community Church this Friday at 7pm and again on Sunday at 10am to meet the man of your dreams.


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