Wagon Training

Since we are living by the spirit, let us follow the spirit’s leading in every part of our lives. -Galatians 5:25

We are original. Each one of us from our genetic make-up to our life experiences, there is no two humans alike. God made us that way on purpose, with a purpose, for a purpose. He did not mean for us to covet what someone else has, this is why the entertainment industry can be harmful if not seen through the filter of our identity in Christ. To share in human creativity in all its various mediums is a good thing. Artwork in its many forms is an expression of our thoughts, feelings and experiences. There is much to be said in the beauty of paintings, poems, tattoos and movie scripts. We can understand each other better, we can relate and identify and feel a common bond in our culture and learn from others when we are open to different interpretations of life. But too often we allow the distraction of these things to detract from our purpose, closing us off from God’s plan for our life.

Think of a wagon wheel. We are the center axle. From each spoke extends a part of our lives. Family from one, spouses, work from another, school, kids, friends, church, God, they all have their own area on the wagon wheel revolving around us as the axle. This is the way most of us relate to people, places and situations in our lives.

Let’s say we have a habit of praying and reading the bible with our morning coffee. Great. That gets finished and then we move onto the next thing, tackling the kids, getting them off to school, heading to work, making dinner with the spouse, round and round we go, day after day after day. If this is all you want your life to be the goal is simple. However, life is never that easy. We are usually not that comfortable. Accidents happen, betrayal occurs, and pretty soon we live a life that is spiraling out of control, the kids are skipping school, dinner is McDonald’s and you and the spouse are arguing non-stop. But think about this…

The reason your life is out of control is you were never meant to be IN control.

What would happen if we put God as the axle? He would be in every aspect of our day, not just when we squeezed him in with our cuppa joe. He could direct our relationships, guide our steps, help us raise our kids and have a great marriage.

God is interested in every part of our lives, not just the spiritual part. As we live by the Holy Spirit’s power, we need to submit every aspect of our lives to God-emotional, physical, social, intellectual, vocational. Paul says that because we’re saved, we should live like it! The Holy Spirit is the source of your new life, so keep in step with his leading. Don’t let anything or anyone else determine your values and standards in any area of your life.

Who is the axle of your wagon wheel?


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