Kingdom Surroundings

When you preoccupy your mind with God’s word, you go a long way toward shutting out temptation.

Keeping a preoccupation of God means to be God-conscious as much as possible; reading scripture, studying it with others, writing about your feelings around what you are learning and then practicing how to live what you learn.

“For Behold, the kingdom of God is within you [in your hearts] and among you [surrounding you]” -Luke 17:21 (amp)

This verse can mean many translations of application in many different contexts. On a personal level it means God is ALWAYS with you even when you can’t feel His presence. And yes, even when life isn’t going the way you want or expected it to. It means the Holy Spirit is in you (if you let it) and that nothing is impossible with God. It can also mean, look among your friends, family and influencers; God uses others to speak wisdom and truth to you (be careful though, Satan likes to use these same circles of influence to speak lies and spread disease!)

People also use this verse to illustrate leaders of the church that may be sitting right in front of you. The point with each area of context is this; God surrounds you. To surround is to envelop completely. It means the area in which something exists or lives. If you allow Jesus into your heart, fully, the keys to the kingdom are yours…no matter the outcome.

In the gospel of Luke, this verse is illustrating a question posed to Jesus by the pharisees on the coming of the end of the world (…why does R.E.M. STILL come to mind with this?!) Take a peek at the entire chapter and reflect for yourself. When and where IS the kingdom of God?


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