I’s on the Prize

It is human nature (or a cultural disease) to either be in denial of disobedience or justify disobedience to suit our own means. Reason: We have not put our faith and trust in God.

Exodus 32-33 show the people beginning to get worried they have not seen Moses in awhile, they don’t know what steps to take and so they take their lives into their own disillusioned hands and force Aaron to create a golden calf to idolize. “you shall have NO other gods before me” this is rule number one…but don’t we put lots of things in front of God every day? Rushing the kids off to school, rushing to work, rushing errands, collapsing in front of the idiot box, with no thought of God’s will for our lives and then we wonder why life is so hard and the bills can’t get paid and our lives have not been fulfilling.

Psalm 24-26 are great reminders of the one who is in charge.

Psalm 24:1 “The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it. The world and all its people belong to him.”

David reminds us to pray throughout the day, with everything, in everything. We are promised prosperity and rescue if we keep our eyes on him with integrity and honesty. When we admit our faults, when we recognize our weakness, only then can we recognize God’s love and his will for our lives and in that we can recognize and live out our true potential.


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