Come. Come To. Come To Believe.

Come. Come To. Come To Believe.
This is a common phrase in the rooms of 12 step recovery. No matter what your habit or hang-up, be it addiction to alcohol, drugs, spending, sex or food, in order to fully recover and continue to recover on a daily basis you must take these first steps. These steps are essential to not only addicts and those who love them, but for those accepting a christian life.

Come.Even if you have questions, heck…especially if you have questions about God and His word (the bible) and how YOU fit in it, you need to attend a church. I highly recommend my church EVERGREEN COMMUNITY CHURCH, but any church in your area will do. Most churches have websites, do a back ground check on it first if it will make you feel more comfortable. The most important thing for you to remember is This is an awesome step you are taking for yourself, and the most important one to make if you want to change your life.

When I first started attending my church, I did so because it was the only one in town that had a website, I could check them out without even walking through the doors. I liked what I saw, no hell fire or brimstone (whatever that is!) Simply Jesus. That and the Pastor used an episode of ‘The Bachelor’ to illustrate his point. Seriously.

Once you have been attending the same church for a few weeks (and don’t be afraid to shop around, most churches preach the same word, but we all do it a little differently!) It is important for you to feel welcome, for you to be engaged in the service, and for questions to continue in your heart and mind not only on Sundays but throughout your week. The next step is to Come To.

Wake up. When you have been attending the same church for awhile, you will start recognizing God working in your everyday life. You should be talking with Him privately. The more you come to, the more knowledge you will want. The bible is a mirror, the more you gaze into it, the more you will know yourself.

1 Samuel 15:29 Israel’s God-of-Glory doesn’t deceive and he doesn’t dither. He says what he means and means what he says.

Most people when they are intentional about changing, passionate about wanting to get better will naturally gravitate toward Come To Believe. You will find you can trust not only others but yourself, and life’s outcomes. Worries dissipate. Problems get solved. True Joy is found. When you Come To Believe your sense of self becomes stronger because you are seeing your value not as the world values, but your value in Christ.

Exodus 15:2 God is my strength, God is my song, and, yes! God is my salvation. This is the kind of God I have and I’m telling the world!

When you feel the strength of God working through you and in you, when you seek yourself in Christ, you can’t help but want to tell the world, to share what you have been given.

Do you share what you have been given? Or do you need to COME. TO. BELIEVE.


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