An Inventory of Honesty

I do not have a very good memory. Oh, I can memorize scripture, I usually remember people’s names and faces, but I often forget God is the one in control and I only play a bit part during my short time on Earth.

This is not to say my work isn’t important and valuable, but it doesn’t need to be grandiose and my work doesn’t need to make me famous (isn’t that just ego’s wishful thinking anyway?)

Because I am so forgetful, I list an inventory at the end of each day. I ask myself the following questions:

Where was I resentful, selfish, dishonest, or afraid?

Am I keeping something to myself that should be discussed with someone else?

In what cases was I kind and loving?</strong

Is there anything I could’ve done better?

I also have a cheat sheet of liabilities and assets surrounding feelings. If I am feeling envious, I try to switch my thinking and match it with generosity. The world would like to have you think differently. I used to think that when I was envious of someone’s wealth or success, it meant I just needed to work hard to become wealthy or successful too.

But in God’s reality (the only REAL reality!) we are to act generously when envious. This switches the focus to others instead of ourselves. It is only when we let go of ego that we learn humility, and only when we learn humility do we grow in faith. Taking an honest look at our day helps us maintain a humble attitude so our lives can be significant.

“Get down on your knees before the Master; it’s the only way you’ll get on your feet.” James 4:10


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