What spot are YOU in?

Sunday was Evergreen’s series launch of “I’m A Mess”. The messages Pastor Seth teaches continues to challenge our attenders (and staff!) to not just put on their Sunday best, a fake smile and a muffled heart, but to get real and live their faith. Dang, it just doesn’t get any better! Here is a quick recap from my notes of last Sunday. If you missed the message, “I’m A Mess…But God is Able, check it out by clicking HERE.

Everyone is in one of three spots; you are in a mess, have just come out of a mess, or about to get into a mess. When life is a mess, we get stuck in the wilderness mentalities. The Truths we forget are:

Nothing is too hard for God.

Your troubles are only temporary…

…unless you choose to make them permanent.

Other people are affected by you.

You are not in the fight for the promised land alone.

Do not quit before the breakthrough.


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