Family Honor

I love all the traditions that bring my family together. The story of Jesus’ birth read by mom Christmas eve before bed, trips to Macy’s Christmas Room, the trumpet that keeps finding it’s way back into the white elephant gift exchange. Cousins and commotion and camradarie. We look back and reminensce, sometimes wistfully, always joyously. The beauty and the magic of these shared moments families carry is the creation of time well spent. The holidays make us more intentional about spending time with family. Makes us take extra time off work even when the big project isn’t done. Makes us travel long distances even when we dislike driving. We give more, eat more, speak to more people than at any one time the whole rest of the year. It is special. Take time to honor God by giving honor to your family. Even the crazy ones. And if you think you don’t have any crazies-you may just be IT!


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