Monday Mayhem

Monday Mayhem
Pastor Seth wrapped up the series “Hot Potato” with deciphering Hell for us. Yes. Hell. Happy Thanksgiving! Here is an excerpt of Pastor Seth’s message from yesterday, illustrating the wonderful news we have before us…

“Hell isn’t God’s will for human life. No one hates Hell or is prepared to pay a higher price to suffer more greatly to prevent it in a human life than God. We can repent and ask for forgiveness and newness of life and God loves to give it. It’s really, really simple…Jesus saves. We are all nudging people in small ways or in large ones a little closer to God or a little farther from Him, a little more into the light or little more into the darkness.

Gang, we exist as a church not to serve ourselves, not to provide services or music or programs or traditions people inside churches happen to like. Not even just to do good things in our community. We are here because human beings have souls, because heaven and hell are realities, and because eternity is at stake, and Jesus saves.”
Now, that IS some good news.


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