Humble Pie

I am still getting used to seeing humilty as an opportunity to be closer to God. For most of my life humility has been interpreted as humiliation. In taking an honest look at myself and the character defects that need to be removed,

I’m such a slow learner. I need to get agitated and make myself (and my loved ones) miserable before it clicks that something needs to change. Sometimes I think a humans skill of adaptability is a fault. I tend to live way too long in discontent and continual disturbance and frustration before I say, enough! Help! Ego likes to trick me into thinking perfection is key and when I think perfection is a necessary to be, other than an ideal to strive for, I forget that God is the one and only perfect entity. I think I can control outcomes and circumstances according to my will, completely throwing God’s will out the window of opportunity.

The chief activator of my character defects is self-centered fear. Fear of losing something I already had or fear of missing out on something I think I need. There is no peace until I can find a way of reducing these demands I make. Simple ego-reductions are:

1. Praise and Worship to God. This reminds us who is sovereign and whose will we should be following.

2. Serving others. By listening to another’s problems or helping someone through a difficult time allows our time and energy to be spent on someone else, therefore, less likely to remain self-centered.

3. Be open to improvements and critiques. When we create open communication for others to share their thoughts on our behavior or circumstance, the better opportunity for God to work through someone for us.

When we can maintain a reduced ego we are free from the negativity and fear that hold us back from fulfillling God’s will for our life. What ego-reduction do you need to practice?


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