Foster Fodder

“A discerning person keeps wisdom in view, but a fool’s eyes wander to the ends of the earth.” Proverbs 17:24

I was helping to choose some of our music for our new series, Hot Potato (November 6-27th) at Evergreen (Sundays 9&11). Sorry, my bad- gotta plug it whereva and wheneva, it’s a GREAT series and you DO NOT want to miss a single week- for those of you that can’t be at church, PLEASE listen all month online! (Okay, I’m done with the plug.:))

Anyway, we were looking for ‘secular’ music with a positive message and popular beat. I’m usually someone who will listen to music for the beat’s sake, not so much for the lyrics. Foster the People came to mind with their overplayed ‘Pumped up Kicks.’ I mean, c’mon, a name like ‘Foster the People’ can’t be bad, right?…a sticks in your head all day till you want to scream kinda beat, but popular none the less! So, I suggested it and we researched their lyrics…let’s just say a song about killing in various forms isn’t exactly the kind of atmosphere we want to create in our ministry. They sure ‘foster’ something, but…Yeah…that one didn’t make the cut.

Later that same day I was told to watch this ‘very cute clip’ on the ‘Ellen Show.’ Cool, she’s funny. So I checked this ‘sweet’ clip of two YOUNG girls (5 & 8) singing and dancing to a Niki Minoj song. Hmm, again, with the inappropriate lyrics! “Hell” and “Whore” shouldn’t be in children’s vocabulary, that is a no-brainer, head shaker for me. The “real” Niki came out and these girls flipped out like Jesus had come back to save them. Their parents were crying and going on about dreams coming true…and the person who showed me the clip was like, “oh, isn’t that sweet? Oh, it’s such a good message, so inspiring that Niki would come and tell these girls, they have what it takes, giving them encouraging words.” All I could think is, oh…crap. We have some MAJOR work to do here on Earth.

One of the most important things we, as Christians, need to do is to stay current on what is going on in the world, be aware of the messages getting inundated into our culture, but under no circumstances should we allow ourselves to become desensitized to what kind of environment, atmosphere, or teachings we are involved in. I cannot fault non-believers for their un-Christ-like behavior. I don’t need to JUDGE anyone’s behavior or opinions. But I do need to have wisdom and DISCERNMENT for what behaviors and opinions are true for me as a Christian and for our ministry as followers in Christ. Three things we can do to ensure our continuing wisdom and walk on the narrow path:
1. PRAYER (and time to listen)
2. STUDY THE BIBLE (listening to leaders, participating in small groups and working a reading plan)
3. PRACTICE COMPASSION (through serving at home, church and work.)

We will make mistakes. We will sin. But guaranteed, working these three things into our daily existence will improve our constant contact with God, help us realize our purpose, and keep us on the path that our journey is meant to be on. Believe me when I say, You got what it takes.


One thought on “Foster Fodder

  1. deby ziesmer says:

    Great post! It is so important for us as citizens of Christ to be aware of the messages satan tries so hard to impart on our children. But we must not be so sensitive that we judge others actions, instead we should counter those messages with the Grace and Love afforded us in Christ.

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