I remember the exact day I went insane. I was volunteering as Director of Children’s Ministry at Evergreen and working full time in Minneapolis. It was the morning of Saturday, September 18th, Evergreen’s fall launch and the launch of our third service on Saturday evenings. My nerves were humming while I finished preparations with the curriculum and finalizing the volunteer support. God piped up while I was lathering my hair in the shower.

“You know, you are going to have to leave your job at the Y cause I’m planning some things in this church. Get Ready.” I began to cry.

Instant denial. I said, “Umm. No. Are you crazy God?! John’s not working. We have student loans. We have no money. And I’m supposed to quit my job and make it all worse? Yeah. No.”
God’s reply, “Just wait.”

Okay. I’ll wait. Wait for the crazy vision in my head to go away and my sanity to return.

In less than a year we had our student loans paid, my husband working, savings built up. I quit my job, practiced patience. Simple but not easy. One day at a time. Heart checks and fear attacking every other week. But God was right. For the first time I did not ignore the vision God gave me for my life. I am taking the responsiblity to daily ask for His vision. My identity in Christ is focussed. Strong. Healthier than any other time in life. I get to help Evergreen’s ministry further God’s work in Pine County. I’m still crazy. But in a good way. In God’s way. What vision are you going to take responsibility to ask for?


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