En Courage

It is very common to minimize what is working well and exaggerate what is not working in our lives. We may not accept compliments well or are not able to simply say ‘your welcome’ when someone thanks us. Are you the type to explain that the beautiful blouse was on sale or the gift wasn’t really what you wanted to give but you couldn’t afford the REAL gift, or the good job you did wasn’t really as good as you would’ve, could’ve, should’ve done?

To minimize what is working well in our daily performance, appearance, ways in which we show kindness, is minimizing God’s work in our lives. We confuse Humility with minimizing His work. We do not need to be ego-driven when we have a solid relationship with God; when we are strong in faith we know EVERYTHING we do well gives glory to Him. Keep these three truths with you this week…

1. You are doing better than you think you are.

2. Your life means more than you think it does.

3. It is less about you than you think it is. It is all about God and the work that He is doing.

I encourage you to maximize yourself this week. Don’t justify, over-explain or guffaw at the compliments you get. Just allow God to work through you and thank Him for the chance at a job well done.


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