Simply Pay Attention

“He keeps his eye on all who live honestly and pays special attention to his loyally committed ones.” -Proverbs 2:8

Whatever you give your attention to expands in your experience. When you watch a theater performance with stage lighting, the director makes sure the lighting technicians showcase a specific area they want the audience to pay attention to. Our awareness is focused on that part of the stage.

This same concept can be used to practice self-discipline. Where in your life do you need to focus your spotlight? Finances? Relationships? Health? All of the above? In order to be successful we can give our attention on the areas we want to improve. Want to fix finances- pay close attention to your spending. To fix your marriage-pay close attention to your spouse. If you want to be healthier-pay close attention to what you put into your body and how active (or inactive) you are.

We can keep from getting overwhelmed by keeping the spotlight tight and bright on one area at a time. We can learn the good habits as easily as the bad-and the payoff is WAY better!


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