Creatively Gleaming

Evergreen has the best creative team I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. The fun that happens in the brainstorming bull sessions is contagious. From the research in set design to the creative video elements, Pastor Seth and Pastor Ross take abstract concepts and make them realities with the help of the worship team, set design team and tech team. In the bible, it tells us to be generous in the things God gave us, passing them around so everyone gets a piece of the pie. If it’s words, let it be God’s words, if it’s help, make it hearty. This way God’s glory can shine through our lives in everything we do (1 Peter 4.)
If we did not have creative people giving their energy, time and efforts (not to mention their creative genius talents!) Evergreen would not have the stellar band, the hilarious videos or the relevance to interpret the application of faith that we are so very blessed as a church to have. I encourage you to pray, think and act and start serving in an area you would like to use your talents in. Contact the Evergreen office at 320-629-2092 to start this weekend. I promise you will not regret the promise of a better life because of it!


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