Pray Up

One of the purposes of the Church is to rally around those in need. If church was just a spot to sit at for an hour, sing a few songs, say hi to a few people, drop a few coins in the bucket, I could do that at home with more freedom to sing at the top of my really bad voice. If church was just for me to get connected to God I could do that on a walk in the woods on a cool fall day with colors falling and rivers rushing. But I firmly believe church is designed to rally around those in need.
One of the most important things we can do as a church is to pray. Every weekend at Evergreen, our prayer team is waiting at the front after service available for those in need of prayer. Many weeks no one goes up to our prayer team because (gasp!) someone might think my life isn’t perfect, that I may need something I can’t handle on my own and need to, as a last,final resort have someone pray for me! The horror! Are you kidding?! The very first thing we should do is PRAY. THERE IS NO SHAME IS PRAYER.
Often we think we need to try everything else and then with a defeated heart say, well, I tried everything else, I might as well pray. Or we feel powerless over someone’s situation so we say, well I can’t fix you or your situation so I guess all I can do is pray. THIS IS BACKWARDS THINKING. I recently heard a list of ‘types’. When we do come across someone that admits they need praying for (and btw-we ALL need prayers!) here are reactions we may do…
Busy people ignore (they just don’t have the time- rushing out of church quickly to get on with life.)
Gossips use juicy details from your problem to gossip about.
Judgemental people think your problems are your own fault. (Well, I guess she shouldn’t have married HIM then should’ve she?)
Mean people make fun.
Religious people pawn you off to the Pastor.
Academics give you 5 reasons for your poor situation.
Co-dependents think your problems are THEIR fault.
But if the very first thing we do in need for ourselves or others, is to pray, we enable the supernatural of God to work in us. God is not looking for perfect people, he is looking for willing people. Your destiny is determined by how well you handle your pain. Your relationships are determined by how you respond. We can pray first and foremost for those in our families, in our church, in our work. We can create prayer warriors in our friends, and start creating real change in our lives. Pray up.


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