There are so many nuggets of truth and wisdom that Pastor Seth shares with us on a weekly basis at Evergreen Community Church; here is a breakdown of this morning’s message for readers who need a refresher like me.
1. As we defer to God; as we listen to Him and walk with Him, we experience restoration. I need to work in the natural for God to work the supernatural. This means I need to put into action what I learn on Sunday and practice applying it at home, work and in quiet time (and yes, you NEED to be taking quiet time daily!) Practice your God-fidence anywhere and with anyone you come into contact with.
2. When we feel restored we find ourselves being drawn to people who encourage us, challenge us, who pray for us and bless us instead of bad-mouth us, defile us, discourage us or just plain drag us down. Making decisions to let go of relationships that are unhealthy is a big step in spiritual development.
3. We need to go through CHANGE and CONFLICT before we can GROW. Isn’t it funny that God, who never changes, is ALL ABOUT change? I find that crazy scary, yet as I grow in Christ, there is also mad safety in this idea. In order to improve we must change, and to know that God is there to back us up every step of the way makes it easier to take the risk, to go through the mistakes and the conflicts to get to the real deal which is living a life useful.
4. If you don’t know why habits aren’t changing, relational patterns and your work attitude aren’t getting better and your giving amount is still what it was when you went to Sunday School,  you aren’t HONESTLY trying to learn and study the Scriptures! We need to practice spiritual disciplines, not just cover up the jalopy of  life with a new coat of paint. Work at pulling that engine apart and fixing what is broken deep inside.
5. Jesus is NOT the bearded lady. He is not the soft-spoken quiet man with lambs prancing around him and cherubs flittering over his head. He is a BOLD, COURAGEOUS SAVIOR who wants you to know that there IS stuff going on in your life that only he can fix.
You can also watch Pastor Seth’s entire message online on Evergreen’s vimeo channel by selecting the vimeo link on this blog! Happy Restoration!


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