Decompress or just Depress?

I just wasted seven minutes of my life. It’s my own fault, really. But, dang, what trickery in the editing room, I allowed these people into our home and assumed I knew them. In reality we only see what the producers of the show want us to see. A script from pop culture where the goal is to lie, cheat, manipulate and throw everyone under the bus for money.
This show I was watching may just be the antithesis of the teachings of Jesus. We learn from David in Psalms that God designed us before we were in the womb, that he knows our innermost feelings and has a plan for our life and by making the right choices in life we will have rewards way better than any game show winnings, that our sins are forgiven and our real home is with Him. We learn how to be straightforward instead of insincere, trust instead of jealousy and faith instead of fear.
Most television isn’t evil- just bad entertainment. Watch it with discernment, watch it with a careful eye, recognize it is not real even if the genre is categorized as “reality television.” Hmmm…. A fat gay man slipping in a kiddie pool? Ooh,Yeah, that’s entertainment!


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