Daily Sir[Endure]

To continue the idea of living a fruitful life as explained in 2 Peter 5-7, we actually have to do some work. More than just praying. More than just “practicing patience” by waiting for something to happen. I think we often confuse the idea of powerlessness and surrendering our life to God with inactivity and laziness.
Are you relying on God to give you the right job by sitting in front of the television watching the latest ‘dancing with the stars’? Perhaps focussing on Ashton joining the cast of ‘2 and a half men’ and how freaked Sheen is over the latest news-breaking development? Are you asking God to bring “The One” into your life and then head out to the local bar in hopes of finding him? Yeah…that’s not what surrender means.
We can say we have faith, goodness and we are seeking knowledge. Now to gain self-knowledge and bleed that into self-control. We can do this by owning our feelings, not to deaden them or numb them with material things, ie. drugs, drinks and doo-dads (and don’t forget dairy queen!) We need to name it, claim it, then dump it. By turning our thoughts to our own feelings and ignoring outside distractions we can develop a more attune sense of right and wrong.
I think of it as as keeping your side of the street clean. And don’t focus on anyone else’s side. It is not your business what others think of you. I, for one, have enough things to do keeping my side of the street clean without worrying about what is going on at the neighbor’s house. When we habitually name it, claim it and dump it, all we do to persevere is do the same thing as the day before. We can reverse the order of our destiny. By learning self-control we gain power in God. Then we are on the road to freedom and happy destiny.


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