The Principality of a Judgmental Personality

I sometimes get overly sensitive and begin to harbor judgment against others’ behaviors; my husband not complimenting me enough (is there ever enough compliments?), my mother in law telling me yet again that low-fat ice cream is good for me because it’s made with milk, a smile from someone you know talks about you behind your back (the bigger the smile, the bigger the backstab-just sayin’.)

Minor annoyances get bigger than life if not nipped immediately at the first thought. I cannot afford to harbor judgmental thinking. To judge is to give an authoritative opinion according to Merriam-Webster. I understand I am allowed opinions, I can make decisions. This is the beauty of free will. But truthfully, I am not of any authority over anyone else even if I am their supervisor or elder. I can hold people accountable to a high standard of living, but the only real authority is God.

Obadiah 3 says, “The pride of your heart has deceived you. Though you soar like the eagle and make your nest among stars from there I will bring you down, declares the Lord.” I am appreciative of the humble reminders I get from God when I get too caught up in my way or the highway mentality.

May I be open-minded and willing to listen to other’s viewpoint. I pray to remember I am not in control and that only Jesus can solve any spiritual problems either myself or anyone else may have.


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