Vision Realized

Vision-Courage-Commitment-Development-Vision Continuous:

This list seems to be a progressive yet cyclic process. If you are not satisfied with the life you lead or have plans you can never follow through on, try creating a Vision (a picture of the future that inspires passion,) and then break it down into pieces.

Pray first for the courage to become willing, and then Commit to it by telling God, telling others and reminding yourself of what you hope to achieve.

Development takes practice and work and follow-through (and continued courage and passion!) I usually go into major research mode. I require a lot of writing, reading and talking with other people about what I saw, not to mention praying (and then actually waiting for the answer!)

Development intuitively inspires the snowball effect of joining with others’ Visions and creating new Visions to further the path of achievement. The latest Vision then needs Courage, Commitment and Development to fuel further success.

I pray daily for Courage to Commit, I work daily on Development and the part that makes it all worthwhile is seeing the Vision take a life of its own… that is when I realize it’s not really my Vision and never was.


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