“You will learn the full meaning of ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’” BB pg 153.
This concept of loving my fellows has gotten easier working a twelve step program. I love them so much more than anyone save my immediate family. We have a connection and a trust that surpasses any relationship I’ve obtained thus far. Much of this freedom to love as myself is due to the anonymity of our format but it’s more than that. I see that my how fellows do whatever it takes to recover. And we all do it together, we all practice the same principles and even when we have different beliefs or politics it’s known in our program that those opinions and worldly perceptions are not as important as our recovery and our connection to a higher power. I struggle with the church fellows. I trust some, but not all. I am looking at their various behaviors and passing judgments and deciding who to trust through the judgments and not through blind faith and security like in the rooms of recovery. Why is that? How do I learn to trust which will allow me to love them without judgment? I need to omit the fear out of the whole thing. I do not fear in how. I get strength from my fellows and the format and God-the God that wants me to succeed, not only in recovery but in all areas of my life. The fear and the unknowing of what’s to come is blocking the sunlight of the spirit to shine on me to love my church fellows the way I love how fellows. I’m so grateful I have program to keep me focused, to remind me how I need to think act and be. No other recovery program will work for me!


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