The Holy Hangover

I’ve heard a lot of Pastors and spiritual leaders mention this idea of a “holy hangover” in reference to the day or so after a big ticket weekend such as Easter.  This past weekend at our small church in the sticks we were fortunate enough to experience such a hangover.  The motivation God granted us and the willingness to work extra hard at invitations and special promos (coffee anyone?) paid off with bigger attendance and new and renewed commitments to Christ.  We are able to rest all the while reminding each other why we do what we do-to reach people for Jesus.  If I live today to the best of my ability and I am to live til tomorrow, chances are I’ll be able to live well then, so there is no need to worry about it before it arrives. 

Before I recovered from a disease of addiction and co-dependency, the holy hangover consisted of the morning after filled with remorse and shame and despair.  I was never going to get out of the pit I had dug for myself, nor did I deserve to.  A life filled with service and an attitude of gratitude afforded me a life of usefulness I had never experienced before. 

Keep a check on selfishness, dishonesty, fear and resentment by asking God to remove them immediately. Turn my thoughts to helping someone in need and practice pity, patience and tolerance. Simple but not always easy, but one day at a time a new life was created.  Getting involved in organizations I care about allowed me that new life.  I am forever grateful for my church home in the sticks. Grateful for the new kind of hangover.


One thought on “The Holy Hangover

  1. jaime b says:

    Amen sister!!

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